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Macrogen is a global genetic service provider, partnered with over 18,000 scientists in 150+ countries, and with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
Established in 1997, from the Genome Medical Research Institute of Seoul National University, Macrogen has become a major service provider and consulting agent for government agencies, universities and research institutes around the world.

R&D and Precision Medicine

Macrogen clinical PGS application

Based on our strong R&D infrastructure and expertise, Macrogen offers various solutions for biotechnology and clinical studies including Sequencing services (CES and NGS), Biochip analysis (microarray), Oligonucleotide synthesis (oligo), Genetically Engineered Mouse (GEM) and Bioinformatics. Macrogen uses the most up-to-date technologies to accommodate and fulfil project requirements dealing with microorganism, plant, animal and human specimen types. Macrogen makes large investments towards and performs research and development in clinical diagnostics and personal genome studies, which are an integral part of precision medicine. We are dedicated to genome testing for cancer, antepartum, rare diseases, and personal genome testing, to provide customised diagnostics, treatment, and care.


Global Network

Located in Seoul Korea, Macrogen Inc (HQ) hosts claim to the breakthroughs in precision medicine and biotechnology. Our subsidiary laboratories and offices located in USA, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, and Australia are there to ensure that quick and systematic responses are being delivered to clients locally.

Macrogen Oceania

Located in NSW, Australia, the local office aims to provide quick communication with clients in Australia and New Zealand for individualised consultation and hassle-free samples submissions. Samples can be shipped to our local office to be delivered into our care. Payments can be made in Australian dollars providing customers with the knowledge of how much our services cost.

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