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With a usual turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks Macrogen offers total solutions for microbial profiling, gene markers or the whole microbial genome sequencing both at the de novo and re-sequencing level. Hybrid analysis of high depth of short reads from Illumina along with Pacbio’s long read approach would be a perfect solution for fungal genomes, while a throughput based Illumina runs on microbial samples would be a cost-effective approach.

Metagenome Shotgun Sequencing

Amplicon Sequencing

16s / 18s / ITS rDNA Customised Amplicons
Platform HiSeq2500 100bpPE MiSeq3000 300bpPE
Sample Type gDNA, Blood****, tissue****, FFPE****
Library kit type Truseq PCR free DNA kit (350bp insert)

Truseq Nano DNA kit (350bp insert)

Truseq 16S amplicon protocol (Targeting V3-V4)
same protocol will be used for 18S using different primer sets
Sample QC Requirement Concentration: >10-20ng/ul
Volume: >10-100ul
Total Amount: 100ng-2ug
Purity (A260/280 ratio): >1.7
DIN: 7.0 (Chromimum library only)
Concentration: >1ng/ul
volume: >10ul
Total Amount: 10ng
For detailed sample requirement, please refer to following link:
Download full list of ‘Sample QC Criteria
Turnaround time** 4-6 weeks
Data Analysis Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing

• De novo Assembly
• BlastX
• Gene Prediction
• Functional Assignment
• OTU Counting
• Statistical Analysis

16R (or 18S) rRNA Sequencing

• Global Alignment
• Taxonomic Assignment
• OTU Counting
• Comparative Analysis

Recommended Coverage/
Reads length
10M reads 50-100K reads

* library construction platform
** TAT from sample QC passed
***TAT 2-4 Express service
**** gDNA extraction fee applies

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