NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) at Macrogen offers not only the ultra-high throughput in comparison with traditional DNA sequencing technologies, but also allows us to meet individual project needs by using our various available systems. Macrogen uses the most advanced platforms available in the market, to provide a quicker and more accurate genome analysis service at an economical price. This enables us to aid studies conducted by researchers, while also offering our diagnostic service to the public.

Clinical studies based on NGS are being actively conducted, primarily in the medical field. Many of these studies aim to identify genetic variance and the functions of new genes. This research hopes to advance the realisation of precision medicine, which will provide treatment optimised for each person based on their genome.

Macrogen leads the field of precision medicine utilising NGS technology and is proud to offer a total genomic solution to researchers on a global scale, which is backed by our extensive experience and knowledge.

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