Transcriptome Sequencing

A transcriptome is a collection of all the transcripts present in a given cell. The sequence of an RNA mirrors the sequence of the DNA from which it was transcribed. Consequently, by analysing the entire collection of RNAs or transcriptome in a cell, researchers can determine when and where each gene is turned on or off in the cells and tissues of an organism.

When studying a living organism with no reference genome information, analysis of the transcriptome of the living organism is possible. Some of the transcriptome analysis includes: de novo assembly, novel gene discovery, identification of novel SNP and Indel, novel splice variants and gene fusion discovery, identification of fusion genes, transcriptome isoform discovery, quantitative determination, and identification of regulatory transcripts.

Total RNA sequencing

In contrast to mRNA sequencing, total RNA sequencing not only offers the coding of RNAs but multiple forms of noncoding RNA can be found. The non-specific ribosomal RNAs are removed (Ribo-Zero chemistry) from the Illumina kit and there are several options to choose from for different species and sample types.

mRNA Sequencing

mRNA sequencing offers cost-effective findings in expression profiling, novel transcript, and alternatively spliced transcript results. It is an ideal approach for a wide range of species to capture both known and novel transcripts that might be responsible for disease states. Strand-specific library kits are available that enable the detection of antisense transcripts, allowing accurate alignment reads.

Furthermore, we offer to provide Pacbio’s full-length cDNA sequencing from 5’ to the end of poly-A tails for isoform detection. This offers a lot more accurate transcriptional start sites for alternatively spliced exon regions. Again, this is an ideal approach not only for humans but for animals and plants, as well as full bacterial transcriptome.

rRNA and Globin mRNA removal kit selection guide

RNA Sample Kit Removes Euk.
Human and other animal species and FFPE RNA Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat) V
Human and other animal species; FFPE RNA Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat) V V
Human microbiome and other bacteria-infected human, mouse, rat samples Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (Epidemiology) V V V
Bacteria (mixed populations
of gram-negative and
gram-positive bacteria)
Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) V
Plant leaf tissue Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Leaf) V V V
Plant seed or root tissue Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Seed/Root) V V V
Mammalian blood RNA Globin-Zero Gold Kit V V V
Yeast Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Yeast) V V

Small RNA sequencing

Small RNA molecules encoded from genomes are responsible for regulation of the gene expression, leading to discoveries about how they contribute to phenotype. Macrogen’s NGS technology is able to sequence and quantify all the small RNAs and profile miRNA, siRNA, piRNA and other non-coding RNAs.

Macrogen uses a small RNA kit from top leading library kit manufacturers, not only from Illumina—we also use the ‘NEB small RNA kit’ on 50 bp single end sequencing to provide high-quality data.

Standard analysis includes expression profiles such as novel miRNA/differentially expressed miRNA.

Advanced analysis offers target predictions of known miRNA, target gene sets and comparative analysis. Please enquire for service pricing.

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