Macrogen provides full access to human genomic variation through a combination of high-depth sequencing, unmatched read lengths, uniform coverage, and exceptionally accurate results by employing the most up-to-date technology. Ideal for cancer genome cohort studies, control/tumour comparative analysis for SNP, CNV and SVs findings as well as low-depth coverage. WGS offers an ideal solution for populations genomics, pharmacogenomics and inherited diseases.

Macrogen has capacity to accommodate 300,000 WGS or equivalent applications per year with a usual turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks, even for large projects with a high degree of complexity.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Platform Illumina Pacbio Pacbio
Novaseq6000 150bpPE

Hiseq Xten 150bpPE
(Express service)***

RSII Sequel
Sample type gDNA, Blood****, tissue****, FFPE****
Library kit type Truseq PCR free DNA kit (350bp or 550bp insert)

Truseq Nano DNA kit (350bp or 550bp insert)

Chromium Genome Library

10Kb SMRTbell Templates

20kb SMRTbell Templates

SMRTbell Express Templates
Sample QC Requirement Concentration: >10-20ng/ul Volumne: >10-100ul
Total Amount: 100ng-2ug Purity (A260/280 ratio): >1.7 DIN: 7.0 (Chromimum library only)
Concentration: >50ng/ul Volumne: >120-160ul Total Amount: 6-8ug Concentration: >50ng/ul Volumne: >160ul Total Amount: 8ug
For detailed sample requirement, please refer to following link:
Download full list of ‘Sample QC Criteria
Turnaround time ** 2-4 weeks*** or 4-6 weeks
Date Analysis  De novo

• Standard data analysis
– Consensus sequence assembled into contigs

• Advanced data analysis
– Gene prediction
– Gene annotation

Date Analysis 

Re sequencing

• Standard data analysis
– Mapping to the current plant reference genome
– Analysis of mapping statistics
– SNPs and InDels calling
– Variant list in Text/Excel formats

• Advanced data analysis
– Variant annotation : SNPs and InDels are mapped to the current versions of SNV and related Genome releases
– Functional annotations : Gene, gene structure, change of amino acid and crooss-mapping to public databases

– Variety of options for mapping algorithms, variant detection algorithms, annotations, mapping to public database, group analysis, and case-control analysis are available

Recommended Coverage / Reads lenghth 15X, 30X, 60X, 90X 5-10X 5-10X

* library construction platform

** TAT from sample QC passed

*** TAT 2-4 Express service

**** gDNA extraction fee applies

Service Overview

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